Friday, January 3, 2014

Lost Planet 3 - August 2012 Some sweet screen montages!

Chugging away on getting my portfolio stuff together. I pledge now to just do this stuff as I get content. going through 11 games worth of art and bad screenshots and blah is hard! Im finishing up all the Lost Planet 3 screens today. I worked on a team of about 4 dudes including me to create, from the ground up, the 6 multiplayer levels that shipped with Lost Planet 3 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms! It was for Spark Unlinited/Capcom and it was super fun! We did 2 man teams and i ended up contributing heavily to 5 of the 6 maps. We were also in charge of builds, and getting the maps into good performance ranges on the dev kits. that meant cutting and editing like crazy.

This was the Abandoned Base map. I developed the look and feel of this level for the most part. It came with no description or real direction so I got to really go wild! I did world-building, props, prop placement, textures, fx placement, lighting, etc (all of the stuffs) along with my good friend Ryan Kuehn! These images include edits made by Spark/Capcom.

Alpha Quarry map! Ryan Greene ( I collect Ryans!) and I built this level from grey box. As it has several scenarios, we had to build a lot of custom stuff for it. I did a lot of lighting and tunnel/world building and some effects placement. These images include edits made by Spark/Capcom. 

Lots more images (including stuf from inside the editor) coming soon!

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