Saturday, September 20, 2014

The crushing loneliness of a blog neglected.

So, its been a awesome/terrible summer. I am now working at HBO and thinking about moving somewhere else in the city. The family tragically got a little smaller this summer. There is more art in my house than ever and that helps! My wife has grown her art business significantly and I have settled into this crazy job at HBO enough to where I am now able to spend more time working on my personal art. I am currently working on some personal art for a couple upcoming theme/halloween shows and will post them up here as soon as i am legally allowed to! That was what reminded me of this dusty old, neglected blog.
Im trying to decide whether to keep using my blogspot blog or switch to something like tumblr. Kristina (wife-a-saur!) and a lot of artists form work use it for their artwork. I dont know. We will see! I will have some more stuff up soon and maybe some professional work from my last couple projects before I started at HBO.

As always, you can find all my old work at Tanner Ellison Professional Game Art I will posting some more stuff  from there to this sweet little blog soon.

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