Friday, January 3, 2014

Sorcery - Sept 2011: Monitors come and go. Checking colors.

Post attack! Going through my old work and building a new portfolio is so awesome! But i do have to suffer through having a new monitor and a old monitor. Neither look correct in any possible way. The new one needs to cure. You can set all the settings you want, but big, cheap monitors need to "make some biscuits" before they are even ready to lay down on your desk and accept some adjustments. and any kinfd of chin scratches. Just paw a little. On that note, heres a couple of screens from Sorcery for the Sony PS3. Hot off he heals of working on Star Wars Kinect!I mostly wanna check the color and saturations and such on my tv and my wifes tablet, etc. These are early screens of Endless Stair. I did all the lighting and effects for this section. The screens are from inside the heavily modified Unreal Engine 3 editor with nowhere near a production light bake, heh.

Entering the "lochbarrow" section

This is a WIP shot of Oredale that im kinda fond of. You can see lighting errors (wip wip wip) and a polygon orb that was temp greybox effect. hahahah Most of this modeled by some dear friends and myself  ( I just did flavor props like the fish marke-y stuff and detail areas). I also built this area up, propped it out and completely lit it up ( wip shot, man, i know that purple wall is weird, i was arting!) 

The skeleton battle area... Yes, skeleton battle area. Awesome.

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