Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kinect Star Wars - Summer of 2011 Vehicle, Character, and Level Art

Wow, it seems like it was YEARS ago that I worked on this game! I completely remember the excitement and awe I felt when my boss came into the artist room and told us we would be helping out on the tail end of production on Kinect Star Wars for the Xbox 360! Not only did we get to work with some rad new technology, but we also got to add our love and art to the incredible Star Wars universe! For the majority of the several months we were on this game, I built levels and assets to populate those levels. My team of dudes worked solely on the campaign portion of the game. My team and I built the Kashyyyk (Wookie home planet) speeder bike chase level, the rest of the Kashyyyk level where the characters are on foot, and the Felucia speeder bike level. This included modeling and texturing rocks, trees, alien plants, architecture, Sarlac teeth(!!!), textures for FX and tons of optimization and cleanup of existing assets provided by LucasArts. I also did tons of world building and prop placement inside 3ds Max and inside the Infernal Engine made by Terminal Reality. I helped implement levels, assets and textures into the Engine and organize massive amounts of art. While the team finished up on various other levels and clean up, I switched over to vehicle and character art. This project was also my first time using a source control program like Perforce.

The Republic Cruiser was initially modeled and UV by Microsoft or one of its affiliates. I remodeled sections, built some high poly elements and baked them down and then textured it with 1024 Diffuse, Normal, Spec, Glow, Reflective and Gloss maps. It is featured heavily in many cut scenes. All textures, lighting and renders in these asset images by me.

TC-38 protocol droid is one of the main NPCs in the campaign. The original model is based on the model for C3P0. I modeled high-poly sections for baking, baked him, UVed him and made all the textures.

Below are various screenshots from the Kashyyyk and Felucia levels that we built almost entirely. I spent many days building rad forest scenes and planting giant ferns and tentacle plants. The work on the wookie tree village was pretty sweet also. 

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