Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cowboys and Aliens Artwork - May 2011

I figured one of the things I could do with my blog 2.0 is fill it with odds and ends from my professional and personal art life. So without further ado, my first professional work and shipped title: Cowboys and Aliens Silver City Defence for iphone and ipad! I was an intern at Valkyrie when I worked on this game. We were outsourced to handle all art and animation. Almost all of the actual art was done by me and another intern over the course of maybe a month (?). We did most of the characters, all of the environment pieces, props, buildings and weapons and I also did all of the rigging and animations. My final animations never really made it into the game, sadly, as they needed less frames to hit performance benchmarks. We built all of the art assets in 3D and then did crazy render passes and essentially comped all of those into 2D assets with shadows, AO, etc. that could be placed around. The levels were assembled by the client. We had an awesome time working on it and it landed the other intern and myself jobs at Valkyrie! Art completed sometime in May of 2011.

In-game screen captures

Random examples of some the asset sets we delivered.

An example of one of the many characters I rigged and animated.

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