Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014. The year we make contact with a new blog. By Arthur C. Clarke and tanner ellison.

Its officially 2014! For about 45 minutes now! My wife, myself and my cats decided to stay home this year, watch horror movies and eat frozen pizza. It was the best new years eve party I have ever been to!

Closing 2013, I decided to start my blog over. It was pretty neglected since I became a professional game artist and graduated school with my BFA. I worked for several years at Valkyrie Entertainment, shipping 11 or so titles, then as a freelance artist contributing to 3 different games, and all the while concepting and creating cool prototypes and game art for myself and friends and colleagues. I think I will (re)start this blog with my professional work leading up to the launch of my new portfolio site, and sprinkle in old and new personal works.

For those new to my life, blog, portfolio, etc., my name is tanner and I am here to destroy you. hahah just kidding! Im an artist living in Seattle WA with my wife, 2 cats, and an alternating cast of pond snails (all named Sammy). I have a radio show on KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle and streaming live from called Seek and Destroy (on saturday nights at midnight) where I curate the worlds best metal for all those brutal, cvlt kids out there. My house is filled with bones and jars of creepy stuff and I proudly rode the last dragons into battle before they went extinct. Stay tuned for game arts!

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